First Responders

Engineered for the toughest conditions First Responders will encounter.

The Polar Pod mobile cooling system is designed specifically to reduce the likelihood of heat illness among first responders. Our cooling system can be quickly deployed to almost any scene and be fully operational within minutes. With its walk-in environment and programmable internal ambient environment settings, first responders can quickly cool their body core temperatures to a safe, comfortable level during rehabilitation while also experiencing a period of time in quite isolation from crisis events and media. Responders can then return to the job faster and with more energy than shade and water alone can provide.

The Polar Pod mobile cooling station has been tested by fire rescue teams, SWAT teams and police departments in the demanding summer environments in multiple locations in Florida. You can be sure our mobile cooling station is engineered to handle the toughest conditions your team will encounter.

Tampa Fire Rescue

In 2012 there were 1,820 firefighter injuries due to thermal stress. First responders, including police, medical personnel and fire rescue personnel are often subjected to long on-site response conditions.

These often include high stress environments, heavy equipment and clothing loads and high ambient temperatures. This is a combination often leading to heat illness.

Tampa Fire Rescue, Part ll

Consider a Polar Pod?

Not all first responder applications and organizations’ needs are the same. This is why the Polar Pod mobile cooling system is so customizable, including a variety of sizes, seating options and integrated accessory equipment.

Discuss your requirements with our engineers to determine the system that best fits your department or municipality needs.

Discuss your requirements with our engineers.

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