Heat Illness is your Opponent!  Beat the Heat with the Polar Pod.

At the point when their body core temperature is up to 102F, it doesn’t matter how hard an athlete pushes themselves. Their performance is compromised and they are in danger of heat illness. They are now at risk. Their body core temperature needs to come down, quickly.

It is a biological certainty that your athlete’s mind and body cannot perform at peak levels when heat illness begins to set in.

Effect of Heat Illness on Athletic Performance:

  • Slower muscular reflexes
  • Maximum power declines
  • Reduced endurance
  • Cardiovascular system stress
  • Decreased cognitive ability

Our Polar Pod® mobile cooling station maximizes the recovery of individuals that are experiencing elevated body core temperatures. It has been tested by firefighters, triathletes and Division I football, soccer teams in Florida and PGA Events.

Protect your team and others, at the scene or just at an outdoor event. Get them back into action quicker.

Provide them with access to a Polar Pod® mobile cooling system.

We are also actively involved in heat illness research with college athletics and physicians and team trainers.

An estimated 5,446 persons were treated in US emergency departments each year for heat illness sustained while participating in a sport or recreational activity.  The two most common activities were football and exercise.  

source: U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, CDC

Who should consider a Polar Pod?

Heat illness is recognized as a leading cause of death and disability during participation in U.S. high school and collegiate athletics. The US Dept. of Health and Human Services CDC analyzed data involving non-fatal incidence was highest among males (72.5%) and among the ages 15-19 years (35.6%).  Trainers, Coaches and parents should be aware of the risk for heat illness and prevention strategies.

USF Football - Heat Illness Research

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