About the Polar Pod



What is a Polar Pod?

The patent-pending Polar Pod® is a mobile cooling station specifically designed to quickly and safely cool a person’s body core to a safe, comfortable temperature. By combining a very low temperature of approximately 50°F with very low humidity, it provides an internal environment that is extremely conducive to evaporative cooling, the human body’s natural cooling mechanism. It allows this natural cooling to take advantage of the surface area of all extremities, as well as the body’s core.

What Sparked the Polar Pod?


Features of our Polar Pods:

  • 20 feet long X 8 feet wide
  • Inside temp: approx. 50°F / very low humidity
  • 46” HDTV – inside and out!
  • Padded bench seating; 15-18 person capacity
  • Chilled water cooler
  • Anti-fog windows
  • Separate thermally insulated and tempered glass entry and exit doors
  • Retractable awning
  • Beverage-friendly interior
  • Runs on shore power or 208VAC/10kW generator
  • Setup time — 30 minutes

Interested in Renting a Polar Pod?

Learn more about the Polar Pod and how they can be rented for special event support. Whether it is for your athletes, or patrons, fans and family, keep them all safe and cool with a Polar Pod® mobile cooling station.

Trained Polar Pod staff set up and maintain the Polar Pod during the event and remove it after the event is over.

Interested in Purchasing a Polar Pod?

Our Polar Pod® mobile cooling stations are engineered and customized for your institution’s needs by a team that specializes in custom vehicles. Lots of options available, such as:

  • Custom Colors/Logos
  • O2 Ports/Medical Options
  • Gear Storage
  • Internal Whiteboards
  • Window/Awning Options

We have also built Polar Pod vehicles with viewing platforms, heating options, bathrooms and kitchens – if you can imagine it, we can build it. Polar Pods are designed, manufactured and tested in Florida so you can be sure they can handle the toughest conditions.