The Polar Pod

The Polar Pod is a highly customizable, patent pending, mobile cooling station providing health and safety, which are two of the driving forces behind The Polar Pod’s creation. Heat related illnesses are potentially life threatening but preventable. We provide the opportunity to cool off and keep a safe body core temperature in any environment by maintaining a consistent humidity inside the polar pod.

The First Real Solution for Heat Illness Prevention & Treatment

Heat-related illness is when your body’s temperature control system is compromised.  Your body normally cools itself by sweating.  But under some conditions, sweating just isn’t enough and your body temperature rises rapidly.  When the humidity is high, sweat will not dry as quickly.  This prevents your body from releasing heat quickly.  Very high body temperatures can damage your brain or other vital organs.

First Responders

The Polar Pod mobile cooling station has been tested by fire rescue teams, SWAT teams and police departments in the demanding summer environments in multiple locations in Florida. You can be sure our mobile cooling station is engineered to handle the toughest conditions your team will encounter. 


Nothing compromises athletic performance like heat. Muscular reflexes slow, maximum power capability declines, the cardiovascular system is stressed and even cognitive ability is lowered. The Polar Pod environment with its’ low temperature and humidity is designed to maximize the rate of recovery among athletes experiencing heat illness. 

Festivals & Concerts

One of the main reasons people leave outdoor events is because they are overheated and can no longer enjoy the activity. How can you keep them there to enjoy your event?  By relaxing for 5- 10 minutes in the The Polar Pod.  Designed specifically to quickly and safely cool an individual’s body core making them feel rejuvenated and refreshed. 

Outdoor Workers

During the 15-year period from 1992-2007, 423 workers in agricultural and nonagricultural industries were reported to have died from exposure to environmental heat. The facts speak for themselves – occupational heat illness kills. Keep your workers safe and productive with access to our patent pending mobile cooling station.



Extreme heat events cause more deaths each year than hurricanes, lightning, tornados, earthquakes, and floods combined.  

Source:  Florida Environmental Health Tracking

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